Half Wolf Puppy defends against Pit Bull

A joyful pup and its mistress once passed me on their walk in the park. The joy in the puppy’s half step half hop was quite evident. To it, every moving blade of grass was an investigative sherlock holmes mystery to be unraveled.

Moments later, you hear a repeated high pitched yap yap yap yap and the deeper growl of a less playful dog. Without turning, you already know the problem. Playful puppy has been stopped dead in its tracks by another dog which may not be quite under control of its master.

There are lots of reasons for bad dog behavior. Some of them logical and some well, not quite as obvious. The dog misbehaving may be a dog that has been ill treated, or it might have a long standing chronic problem like a very bad tooth ache or head ache that it keeps under control until something unleashes it. Or the problem could be partially hereditary as in certain types of dogs being more prone to behavioral problems.

A few weeks ago, as I was petting the head of the dog a few doors down, my neighbor recounted this story about this half puppy half wolf.

A little less than a year prior, he had chained his big wolf puppy to the tail gate of his chevy pickup. He had then gone inside for lunch while the puppy played outside. He says he wasn’t inside more than about 15 minutes before a deep snarl and a shout caused him to run to the front door.

A pitbull was running full out at highspeed with its owner running behind holding an empty leash. The pitbull crossed his front lawn in the blink of an eye and was airborne before anyone could as much as move a few feet. His own puppy backed up against the vehicle and waited silent and expectently for the rushing pitBull.

What happened next was more of a blur, but as he describes it the pitBull jumped and was airborne and in attack mode in no time at all. The waiting half wolf had expected this and when the pitbull grabbed for where the puppy’s throat was, it got nothing but air. On landing, the pitbull tried to launched itself yet again but the puppy was already above it in the air and promptly seized the pitbull’s throat as it attempted to shake it into submission.

A very low wolf like growl emitted from my neighbors dog. For a moment the pitBull went slack and the half wolf tossed it about 2 meters.

I am told that the angry pitbull didn’t have 3 feet properly on the ground before it promptly launched itself yet again at the half puppy. This time meaning to surprise it. However, everyone was surprised when the puppy itself met the pitBull midway and without ado simply snapped its neck. There was a kind of silence that one hears when everyone is holding their breath.

Time that had rushed faster than anyone could probably recount, suddenly stood still. The only slow movement came from the puppy as it backed to the vehicle, slunk down and looked around.

Its truly sad when something like this happens. The savagery of the episode is lost in the speed and suddeness of an attack like this. We heard that an older child had been threatened by the same dog a year earlier and that there was pending investigations about that due to those on the scene telling different versions of what they thought they saw.

Who knows, sometimes nature itself is the great equalizer. Everyone there was certain as they told the story afterwards, that the puppy was a goner. No one had thought that there was quite that much quickness or wolf like strength and self preservation in that quiet puppy.

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